During the past twelve weeks, the world has changed significantly, and we have all had to adapt to challenging circumstances, new ways of working, and uncertainty in what comes next. We have not, however, ceased in working to raise the bar for MS, and nor have you.

This has been a time of unprecedented dynamism – hospitals built in weeks, cold units established in days and technology implemented overnight, and we can harness that impetus and the learning from it.

During this time, work has continued at varying paces within the core workstreams of the Raising the Bar programme. As well as highlighting some fantastic ways that you have been raising the bar for MS around the country, we want to update you with what those workstreams have been doing – in brief.

We will be releasing a short news story each week to keep you up to date of the workstreams, to hear how your peers have been raising the bar locally, and to invite you to engage in different ways to continue to raise the bar for MS across the UK. 

Read our previous update: Raising the Bar for MS – your essential update: December 2019



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