Expert Training in MS

The MS Academy is an innovative training programme for medical professionals who want to develop expertise in MS. The aim is to enhance your clinical skills and build your confidence in managing the condition. We have several upcoming courses tailored to the needs of different professionals.

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Gavin Giovannoni

Prof Gavin Giovannoni

“This is the first MS educational course I have been involved in that I have come away from and thought, ‘Yes we can make a difference’.” → Read more



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MS Foundation MasterClass 10

An essential course in the fundamentals of MS clinically, as well as in terms of lived experience with MS and optimal service support, this is the ideal introduction to MS as a specialism. If you are a clinical nurse specialist (CNS), a GP with a newly developing special interest in MS (GPwSI) or an Associate Specialist with a special interest in neurology then this course could be perfect for you.

Module 1: 18-20 March 2020
Module 2: 17-18 September 2020
Location: Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus

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MS Service Provision in the UK

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Raising the Bar for MS – your essential update: December 2019

We want to keep the momentum going. Therefore, we need to ensure that those issues raised and discussed are addressed, to create a greater service for people with MS. So – we’re currently planning the follow-up meeting for 2020! What has happened since we met in July?

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Participate in our audit of MS services

An audit for clinician teams, by clinician teams to drive improvement in MS service provision. Providing MS care is very challenging. It is set to get far more challenging with no clear strategy from the NHS in how to support MS teams. This UK audit aims to empower clinician teams to change and improve their MS services, care for MS patients and personal work environments. We would appreciate your help gathering information on your own MS service. This will create a wider understanding on the variance of current service provision and capacity limitations.

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Neurology Academy

The Neurology Academy offers advanced training for healthcare professionals. Currently our main focus is Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and palliative care, although MasterClasses in migraine and headache, stroke, and epilepsy are in development. These individually tailored courses have run successfully for over a decade and are co-ordinated through an academic faculty.

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