Date(s) - 04/11/2020 - 11/11/2020
6:00 pm

This virtual meeting takes places on 4 days, starting at 18:00 BST:
4, 5, 10 & 11 November 2020


This will be our third meeting addressing the variance in the provision of MS services across the UK. At last year’s meeting, we put in place five workstreams with a three-year plan to tackle variance. The main objective of the 2020 meeting will be to review the progress across the five workstreams and to review and/or recalibrate the over-arching aims of this ambitious but important initiative.

Background information


  1. Improve the quality of life for people with MS
  2. Improve access to specialist services for people with MS
  3. Improve outcomes for people with MS
  4. Improve the efficiency of healthcare utilisation for MS services
  5. Increase MS patient / MSer empowerment and activation


Postcode prescribing and other variances in MS Services were highlighted at our previous MS Academy meetings in Birmingham. At our previous meetings, we reviewed many of the underlying reasons for variation in MS services and put in place potential solutions. The data and audit workstreams have been our priority in year 1 and due to a large overlap in their activities, they have been merged. Progress and activities around ‘patients as partners’, the ‘social determinants of health’ and the ‘wellness & lifestyle’ workstreams will be reviewed.

The separate sub-committees will report back the results of their work and invite comment and further participation from other MS centres in the UK. Another output from the 2019 meeting was the setting-up and running of a leadership training programme. The good news is that the leadership course was funded and the first group of leaders will have graduated by the time of our 2020 ‘Raising the Bar’ meeting. As part of this leadership course, they will complete a national project the output of which will be presented at the meeting. Another important remit of the ‘Raising the Bar’ meeting is sharing best practice. We will also be asking some of our previous MS Academy winners to showcase their projects and to update us on how the MS Academy has changed their practice. We will also be expecting participating centres to present examples of service improvement projects that have made a difference in their centres at the meeting. Attendees will vote and the winner(s) will be given an opportunity to present their work at the meeting.

Steering committee

Prof Gavin Giovannoni, Dr Agne Straukiene, David Martin, Dr David Rog, Prof Jeremy Hobart, Joela Mathews, Karen Vernon, Phillip Anderson

Chair: Prof Gavin Giovannoni

Workstream leads:

  • Audit and Data: Dr David Rog, Prof Jeremy Hobart & Joela Mathews
  • Patients as Partners: George Pepper
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Dr Agne Straukiene
  • Social Determinants of Health: Prof Gavin Giovannoni

Who this meeting is for?

Decision makers in MS services, whether that be local, regional or national services.

Costs and accommodation

Each MS prescribing centre is allocated two fully funded places at the meeting. Each of these applications will be entitled to a travel allowance, as well as accommodation on the 12th November.

All applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, so please do apply as soon as possible.

To ensure that we have a diverse range of attendees from across the UK, if we receive more than 2 applications from the same centre, the additional applicants from that centre will be placed on to a reservation list.

If we do not fill the spaces allocated for each centre within a reasonable time frame, those on the reservations list will be invited to attend; however, there may be a fee to cover the meeting, dinner and accommodation.

Please note our terms and conditions.

CPD accreditation

The previous meeting was awarded 11 CPD external credits from the Royal College of Physicians London and has been approved for 10 hours CPD by the Royal College of Nursing. We will be applying for RCP and RCN CPD accreditation again.



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