July 2019 meeting

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November 2018 saw our first in a series of events set to tackle MS service variation in the NHS. The event highlighted a number of challenges to improving health and social care, to deliver more equitable and optimised MS services in the UK. It also saw over 110 professionals discuss and agree some of the ways forward, and heard innovative solutions posed.

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We want to keep momentum going and we need to ensure that those issues raised and discussed are addressed, to create a greater service for people with MS. As a result, we are currently planning the follow-up meetings for 2019!


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We at the MS Academy are committed to being part of the change needed to end service variation for multiple sclerosis, and we know how key information sharing and education is to that change.

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Part of our role is to share the meeting’s discussions and findings to as wide an audience as possible, and another is to help you all stay aware of the work taking place to end variation, enabling you to get involved wherever you want and need to be.

These ‘Spotlights’ will give you an in-depth look at some of the key issues raised at the Variance event, sharing some of the solutions considered and workstreams begun to make change a reality.

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We initially held a debate in May 2018 on whether or not the new NHS England treatment algorithm will reduce variation in the prescribing of DMTs in England. This was followed by a much larger meeting of representatives from MS disease-modifying therapy prescribing centres across the UK, in Birmingham, in early November. The meeting was a great success and generated many ideas and proposals that if implemented could potentially solve the problem of variance in the NHS. We are now planning to hold a subsequent follow-on meeting to implement several of proposals that emerged from this meeting.

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