and Barts MS are looking for collaborators to develop and implement a project or audit around post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in multiple sclerosis (MS). have been aware of PTSD as having a role in MS after looking at post-traumatic growth at an event in London several years ago.  Since that time, have become aware of a growing number of people who have been impacted by PTSD and are interested in looking at this in more depth. 

Prof Gavin Giovannoni of Barts MS has also been giving this some thought to its impact on people with MS prompted by his own recent personal experiences, and has written a blog post on PTSD in MS in the past week.

In it, he remarks:

‘When asked, a large number of pwMS tell me the worst part of MS is being told you have MS. In an Italian study a quarter of pwMS have symptoms of PTSD and more than 1 in 20 have a confirmed diagnosis of PTSD.’

If you are also interested in this area, please get in touch with George Pepper, CEO of to discuss this further. Gavin is willing to provide mentorship to anyone interested in pursuing this project. 


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