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We are exploring a funding application to perform an Adaptive Ocrelizumab Dosing Study or ADIOS trial. The idea is to try and adjust the dosing regimen of ocrelizumab to derisk some of the emerging adverse events associated with long-term B cell depletion. Would you be interested in participating? If yes, do you mind completing the following survey to see if we can get some kind of consensus around the trial design? 

Prof Gavin Giovannoni

Adios Study Survey

ADIOS refers to the ADaptIve Ocrelizumab dosing Study.

The ADIOS study proposes to explore whether or not we can adjust the dose of ocrelizumab to make it safer (lower rate of hypogammaglobulinaemia and fewer infections), allow vaccinations (for example SARS-CoV-2 vaccine), reduce healthcare utilisation (fewer infusions and lower costs) without necessarily compromising its efficacy.

This survey is to explore some issues around the principles of the study, our proposed design and whether or not you want to participate. The figure below is a rough outline of the proposed study.

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