Our condolences go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Dr Peter Tun, a rehabilitation specialist at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, who died, aged 62, at the end of last week with coronavirus symptoms

Dr Peter Tun, June 2018 in Sheffield

Peter was an alumni of MS Academy, and his care for the individual nature of each patient is evident in his chosen intermodule project where he used a case study to delve more deeply into the use of disease-modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS) in West Berkshire. 

Dr David Paling, consultant neurologist and Strategic Director for MS Academy, who knew Peter through their shared passion for MS, said:

‘He was a very friendly, kind, thoughtful and considered person. He was incredibly focused on the care of his patients, and had a unique set of experiences, through working in Burmese military hospitals, to ortho-geriatrics and in neuro rehabilitation. A real loss to the MS community and the people with MS that he cared for.’

National news have written tributes to Peter; with heartfelt comments from family, colleagues and the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, all attesting to his kind, caring character, and his dedication to his patients.

MS MasterClass 3.1, November 2017


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