A short, simple online book has been published, aimed at giving children fear-free but truthful information about coronavirus.

Written and illustrated by paediatric nurse Molly Watts, she feels it is important to share clear, honest information with her young patients without causing fear or confusion.

This latest book, ‘Dave the dog is worried about coronavirus’ goes through the basics of what the virus is, how it is likely to affect people, why some people need to self-isolate, and what Dave the dog will need to do if he gets poorly. 

It also focuses on how Dave can prevent catching, or spreading the virus, by washing his hands regularly with soap for the length of time it takes to sing happy birthday twice.

This free, downloadable book is a fantastic resource to share with anyone who is in contact with children personally or professionally. 

This, and Molly’s other books, can be found at her website www.nursedottybooks.com


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