Congratulations are thoroughly deserved by our latest MS MasterClass project winners. The most recent cohort of delegates to complete their intermodule projects met last night at their Awards dinner during this Autumn MasterClass course.

Mrs Daisy Cam

Mrs Daisy Cam, award winner MasterClass 4

MS specialist nurse Daisy Cam won the Project Award for her research into the use of alternative therapies in treating MS. Mrs Cam’s project reviewed the benefits of acupuncture in managing MS-related pain, prompted by the startling statistic that whilst up to 68% of people living with MS experience pain (MS Trust 2011), there does not yet seem to be a single medication or treatment that works across all MS-pain types (Finnerup et al: 2005).

Two runners up were also recognised last night for their very different but equally valuable research projects. Dr Karen Chung’s work evaluated the possible patient population suitable for treatment with Ocrelizumab within a tertiary referral centre. Ocrelizumab is the first disease-modifying therapy (DMT) to reduce disability progression in people with primary-progressive MS, and is under review with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) at present. In a very different vein, Dr Sivaraman Nair’s project developed and tested a tool to review the unmet needs of people with MS.

Dr Karen Chung

Dr Karen Chung, MasterClass 4 runner up

Dr Sivaraman Nair

Dr Sivaraman Nair, MasterClass 4 runner up

To find out more, read a quick snapshot of their respective work, or view their slide sets here:


If you’re interested in the previous year’s winning research, or the other intermodule projects, you can find all of them on our site.


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