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Join a national network of healthcare professionals dedicated to specialist skill development and transformational service change.

Neurology Academy is an innovative educational provider for healthcare professionals including consultants, specialist nurses, pharmacists, therapists and other allied health professionals. Our courses are developed by practicing specialists who combine their experience and expertise into case-based learning designed to create specialists in their field with confidence in effecting change.

From course to community

The collegiate atmosphere found through our MasterClasses has meant that our Academies have been likened to professional families. Peer support and mentorship create networks of healthcare practitioners who share a passion for their specialism, a heart for their patients and a vision for optimal service delivery. HOW OUR COURSES WORK

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Healthcare professionals have come together from across different backgrounds, localities, experiences and service models to develop our courses. They make up our valued Faculty, and are constantly shaping and updating the content and style of delivery to maximise its relevance and practicality. MORE ABOUT US

'The things you can't get from books'

A phrase coined by Academic Director of Parkinson's Academy and co-founder of Neurology Academy Peter Fletcher, this epitomises what makes us different to other educational providers. Our mix of practical, peer-to-peer learning takes delegates from evidence-based information to transformational action that cannot be found in a textbook. EXPLORE ALL COURSES AND EVENTS

Transferable model of learning

Whilst each courses' content is entirely unique and shaped by that specialism, the course format and learning style used create an entirely transferable model which can be replicated for any disease area. MORE ABOUT HOW OUR COURSES WORK

Forthcoming highlights in the MasterClass programme...

"The MS Academy is a tremendous vehicle for educating and up-skilling healthcare professionals caring for people living with MS"
Dr Wallace Brownlee MS Academy
"The things you can’t get from the books"
Dr Peter Fletcher Parkinson's Academy
"Empower practitioners to improve their knowledge, care and systems for people living with dementia"
Prof Iracema Leroi Dementia Academy
"The only educational course dedicated to pharmacists specialising in neurosciences, delivered by colleagues from a range of professions"
Joela Mathews Neuropharmacy Academy

Webinars – unlimited learning

We're hosting a series of educational webinars to share experiences and resources during the pandemic. These meetings are held as live video conferences for an interactive discussion with members of our Academy faculty. You are invited to join our live webinars from your computer, tablet or phone.

Featured news and articles

16 Jun 2022 Posted in Event reports

EJS ACT-PD – a clinical trials machine for Parkinson’s Parkinson's Cutting Edge Science conference 2022 18th May 2022

Our Parkinson's Cutting Edge Science conference this year, chaired by Dr Emily Henderson, was attended by over 170 Parkinson's specialists spanning Neurology, Old age psychiatry, and Medicine for the elderly, with nurses, therapists and consultants discussing and debating nuanced aspects of Parkinson's treatment, management and care. Each week, we will take a closer look at one of the brilliant sessions.

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Explore all of the academies

Neurology Academy is an umbrella organisation. It houses a collection of academies each addressing particular conditions or health themes, so that we can really focus on the nuances of each. From diagnosis, treatment and management to reducing risk and optimising services – we break the most relevant research down so that you can use it in a practical way – transforming people's healthcare experiences

Encouraging excellence, developing leaders, inspiring change

MS Academy was established five years ago and in that time has accomplished a huge amount. The six different levels of specialist MS training are dedicated to case-based learning and practical application of cutting edge research. Home to national programme Raising the Bar and the fantastic workstream content it is producing, this is an exciting Academy to belong to.

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'The things you can't get from the books'

Parkinson's Academy, our original and longest running Academy, houses 20 years of inspirational projects, resources, and evidence for improving outcomes for people with Parkinson's. Led by co-founder and educational director Dr Peter Fletcher, the Academy has a truly collegiate feel and prides itself on delivering 'the things you can't get from books' - a practical learning model which inspires all Neurology Academy courses.

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Promoting prevention, supporting management

Led by proactive clinicians determined to see improvement in the way we prevent, diagnose and manage dementias, Dementia Academy supports healthcare professionals with the latest tools, resources and courses to do just that.

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Lewy Body Academy

Focussing on dementia with Lewy bodies (previously known as Lewy body disease), and Parkinson's disease dementia, this specialist training ensures people with these dementias do not fall through the gaps in care.

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Raising awareness, improving outcomes

Neuromuscular Academy is the first bespoke course for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in neuromuscular conditions like spinal muscular atrophy.

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An innovative training programme for pharmacy professionals

Developed in recognition of the essential role that neuro-pharmacists can play in a good neurology team, this Academy exists for pharmacy professionals who want to develop expertise in neurological conditions.

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About Us

Expert training in neurology

Neurology Academy is an innovative education provider for clinicians, specialist nurses and professions allied to medicine. The training programme focuses on both disease management and service transformation. Each priority condition is led by an Academic Faculty of practicing clinicians who operate within a separate disease focussed Academy.

Delivering uniquely practical education to produce specialist clinical leaders and transform local healthcare

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Academy & Faculty Leaders

We are led and supported by experts with a variety of backgrounds across a range of disciplines. By bringing different passions to the Neurology Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge

Sarah Gillett
Managing Director
Jamie McGregor
Director of Policy, Intelligence and Operations
Dr Peter Fletcher
Consultant Care of the Elderly Physician
Dr Wallace Brownlee
MS Specialist Neurologist and MS researcher
Prof Iracema Leroi
Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr Ross Dunne
Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist
Dr David Paling
Consultant Neurologist
Daiga Heisters
Head of Parkinson's Academy
Sue Thomas
Independent Healthcare Consultant
Dr Neil Archibald
Consultant Neurologist
Louise Ebenezer
Clinical Nurse Specialist for Parkinson’s disease
Joela Mathews
Lead Neuroscience Pharmacist
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell
Senior Lead Pharmacist
Ruth Stross
MS Specialist Nurse
Dr Nikos Evangelou
Clinical Associate Professor in Neurology
Dr Niall MacDougall
Consultant Neurologist
Prof Helen Ford
Clinical Professor of Neurology
Dr Emily Henderson
Consultant Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician
Dr Conor Maguire
Consultant Physician in Geriatric and General Medicine
Dr Ed Richfield
Consultant in Elderly Medicine
Prof Richard Walker
Consultant Physician

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