Expert Training in MS

The MS Academy is an innovative training programme for medical professionals who want to develop expertise in MS. The aim is to enhance your clinical skills and build your confidence in managing the condition.

We have several upcoming courses – to find out more and register your interest visit the courses page.

Our Speakers

Professor Gavin Giovannoni and Dr Klaus Schmierer are two of our expert speakers. Explore the full speaker list here.

Gavin Giovannoni

Prof. Gavin Giovannoni

Klaus Schmierer

Dr Klaus Schmierer

What Gavin says

This is the first MS educational course I have been involved in that I have come away from and thought, ‘Yes we can make a difference’. Read more

Visit the sessions page to watch more videos about the training MS Academy offers.

What our delegates say:

“Gosh! I certainly learnt a lot more about MS that I never thought possible”

Best course I have ever been on, thank you”

Really great and thought provoking”

“Another very useful, informative and excellently delivered session”

“Thanks for all your hard work – it will undoubtedly make a difference
to the lives of patients”

Neurology Academy

The Neurology Academy offers advanced training for healthcare professionals. Currently our main focus is Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and palliative care, although MasterClasses in migraine and headache, stroke, and epilepsy are in development. These individually tailored courses have run successfully for over a decade and are co-ordinated through an academic faculty.

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