Brian trained in medicine, gained a Masters in Health Psychology from Surrey University, and went on to train in cognitive and behavioural psychology at Kings College, London.  

Initially the main focus of his work was on the causes and consequences of stress. He wrote his Masters’ thesis on ‘burnout’ in doctors. He worked as a specialist in the Academic Department of Psychological Medicine, St Bartholomew’s Hospital involved in clinical practice, research and teaching.

Over the past ten years Brian has worked collaboratively with a team of highly experienced doctors and psychologists at the Positive Group, drawing on the latest advances in neuroscience, psychology and the medical sciences, to create a range of programmes specifically designed to improve psychological health.

Brian is the founder and director of Positive Group ( a company dedicated to delivering evidence based techniques to improve the psychological wellbeing and resilience. 

Clients include Accenture, Google, Grant Thornton, Goldman Sachs, Shell, KPMG, IBM, JP Morgan, Latham and Watkins, Amgen, Oxford University, Clifford Chance, Ernst and Young, Foreign Office, NHS Trusts, and the BBC. Positive is now working with over thirty schools and several universities raising awareness of the importance of psychological health and delivering an evidence based approach to reducing psychological problems. 

Brian has been a visiting lecturer on the MSc Health Psychology Course at Surrey University and a visiting lecturer on the Programme for Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour at the Department of Organisational Psychology, School of Business, Birkbeck College and the MSc Oncology Course, Institute of Cancer Research. He worked as Medical Advisor on psychological health and wellbeing to NHS Sussex. He has written numerous articles, taught and lectured widely on evidence-based techniques for improving psychological wellbeing and resilience. 

Brian has written numerous articles, taught and lectured widely. He has contributed to two recent books: 

The Mind- A User’s Guide. Bantam Press, 2007. 

Biopsychosocial Medicine; An integrated approach to understanding illness. Oxford University Press, 2005.