How to prepare in the event of you getting COVID-19

29 April 2020 | Prof Gavin Giovannoni, George Pepper, Megan Roberts & Jody Barber

This webinar will look at the modifiable risk factors for severe COVID-19 and consider ways of reducing personal risk.

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Ask the experts – #MSCovid19 Q&A for MSers

17 April 2020 | Prof Jeremy Hobart & Dr David Paling

Q&A session on DMTs, relapses, social distancing and more.

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Ask the experts – #MSCovid19 mind health session for MSers

6 April 2020 | Jo Johnson, Prof Jeremy Hobart, George Pepper & Ruth Stross

Mental health is as essential to care for and maintain as physical health. Jo Johnson, consultant neuropsychologist, shares some useful tips for building mental resilience and developing a strong, healthy mind during this pandemic and beyond.

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Prehabilitation and rehabilitation: taking care of your respiratory system during COVID-19

We know that a large number of our population will be infected with coronavirus in an effort to develop herd immunity, and whilst not all of us will develop the COVID-19 disease as a result of the virus, preparing our bodies and minds to experience it is essential.

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Chris Wasey’s vlog: COVID-19 and isolation | My experience with HSCT for MS

Chris Wasey has now done a short coronavirus-specific vlog detailing particular advice for people who are immuno-compromised during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes those who have had HSCT in the recent past, but may also be relevant for those who are on a course of disease-modifying treatments at present, or who are immunocompromised for other reasons.

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