Patient preferences for managing disability in multiple sclerosis

Measuring the condition with a thousand faces – A report by The Economist Intelligence Unit

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Inequalities in access to health and social care among adults with multiple sclerosis: A scoping review of the literature

Hazel Roddam, David Rog, Jessie Janssen, Neil Wilson, Lucy Cross, Olufemi Olajide, Paola Dey

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Evaluation of pregnancy outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis after fingolimod exposure

Yvonne Geissbühler, Jere Vile, Gideon Koren, Morgane Guennec, Helmut Butzkueven, Hugh Tilson, Thomas M. MacDonald, and Kerstin Hellwig

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UK consensus on pregnancy in multiple sclerosis: ‘Association of British Neurologists’ guidelines

Ruth Dobson, Pooja Dassan, Megan Roberts, Gavin Giovannoni, Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Peter A Brex

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Guidance on the prevention of Listeria infection after alemtuzumab treatment of MS

Produced by the MS Advisory group, Association of British Neurologists

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Disease modifying drugs: A guide to treatments for relapsing MS

Published by the MS Trust

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Improving the efficiency of disease modifying drug provision

Published by the MS Trust

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How to begin prescribing medical cannabis

Step-by-step guide by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

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