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Day 1: Monday, 8 July 2019

Lifelong brain health as a target for MS service provision

Prof Gavin Giovannoni

Access to MS services: Can we improve on the current hub and spoke model?

Sue Thomas and Martin Fischer

From ideas to action: How do we get the change we are looking for?

Jerry Clough

Collaborative practice: working differently with patients and people in communities

Alyson McGregor

Dinner speech

Caroline Wyatt

Day 2: Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The need for leadership to effect change

Prof Gabriele De Luca and Barbara Hoese

Workstream B: Patients as partners

Rob Sloan

Workstream C: Audit

Prof Jeremy Hobart, Sue Thomas and Rachel Morrison

Workstream D: Social determinants of health

Dr Helen Ford and Prof Gavin Giovannoni

Workstream E: Wellness and lifestyle

Dr Agne Straukiene

Chair presentations and discussions

Poster presentations