Using the NHS RightCare model for analysing a condition’s pathway through a hypothetical patient journey, Wilmington Healthcare has developed an ‘optimal scenario’ for treating patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), endorsed by MS Academy, MS Trust and shift.MS.

‘Rachel’s story’ outlines an optimal, patient-centred journey, examining each step along the pathway, considering patient aims and outcomes, cost-benefit evaluations, and the impact across both the NHS and the wider support community.

Throughout the pathway, from diagnosis onwards, attainable positive practices are contrasted with sub-optimal scenarios (shown in red ‘call out boxes’) to demonstrate the difference that positive practices could make to ‘Rachel’ as well as to the healthcare services supporting her. Moreover, there are examples of innovative practices currently being tested across the country (shown in green) which exceed an optimal pathway in offering novel ideas for further service development and inspiration for MS teams.

In addition, financial evaluations of the lifecycle of both optimal and suboptimal pathways are offered to demonstrate the cost benefit of quality care and prompt access to services. A breakdown of the true cost of a variety of disease-modifying treatments and their associated monitoring, as well as of the wider socio-economic impact of optimal versus sub-optimal care, is given in this useful tool. Additional financial overviews are given at specific moments in ‘Rachel’s’ journey, highlighting where costs may either be saved or unnecessarily incurred.

The combination of practical care scenarios alongside clear financial modelling provide a well-rounded assessment of a person’s MS journey for practitioners, commissioners and providers alike.


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Rachel’s Story was sponsored by Merck Serono Ltd who had no editorial input other than conducting an accuracy check and supplying data on request.

June 2020 – UK&IE/CLA/0519/0035b

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    This activity has been sponsored by Merck Serono Ltd. Merck Serono Ltd has had no control over the educational content of this activity other than conducting an accuracy check.