Research by Liam Rice, MS specialist nurse

All of our attendees carry out a piece of research in an area of MS clinical practice or treatment that interests them. 

This snapshot, which was awarded runner-up at the MS8 project awards by peers and colleagues, gives you a quick idea of what they found and why. If you want to learn more, just click through to the full research report, or follow the links within the snapshot. 

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To provide a robust, pathway driven service to help MS patients better cope with debilitating bladder and bowel problems.


  • The MS / urology service was set by up Liam Rice, MS Nurse Specialist and Consultant Urological Surgeon Miss Reid in 2014. 
  • Previously, MS nurses would assess and manage bladder and bowel problems, referring patients on to urology if necessary.
  • Established models of care and both neurological and urological perspectives before idividual pathways were developed for each problem which could be used by all of the MS Nurses within the MS service.
  • A recent service evaluation which was carried out between July –September 2019 with a sample group of 35.

Key findings

  • The input patients now receive is specific to the MS Neurogenic bladder and bowel, ensuring they receive a thorough assessment with a seamless pathway.
  • We have established five key transferable and structured pathways to manage neurogenic bladder issues
    • These are making a huge difference to our patients as patients are referred straight to our service, reducing the pressure on community teams and saving money.
  • The service evaluation was overwhelmingly positive. Most patients said it had improved their continence issues.
  • Due to joined up working with urology, techniques have been shared from other departments, such as the spinal injuries unit.
  • A reduction in admissions for urinary tract infection (UTI) due to robust UTI management and providing patients with robust information sheets regarding UTI management.
  • Robust referral criteria used throughout both Urology/Neurology to manage MS/Uro patients
  • Patients are seen regularly in Nurse led MS/Uro clinic
  • Dissemination of the pathways has been throughout both the urology and neurology directorates.

Core recommendations

  • To provide a continuing, evolving service that keeps updating, reviewing and improving the individual pathways.
  • To look at developing new pathways including SPC post-op care, conveen management.
  • To continue disseminating the service to a wider group including GP and continence teams

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