Research by Olivia Moswela

All of our attendees carry out a piece of research in an area of MS clinical practice or treatment that interests them.

This snapshot, which won the MS Academy MasterClass 6 Project Award 2019, gives you a quick idea of what they found and why. If you want to learn more, just click through to the full research report, or follow the links within the snapshot.

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To examine baseline infection screening for the five high-efficacy disease-modifying treatments available for MS locally and determine their compliance to newly implemented local standards when compared to previously implemented SPC (summary of product characteristics) recommendations.


  • There is no gold standard for infection screening or risk mitigation prior to starting a DMT
  • SPC recommendations are based on clinical trial results, which exclude those with known risk factors and often exclude those with known class effects experienced in other disease areas, alongside post-marketing pharmacovigilence reports
  • This study combined:
    • development of new local standards based on an analysis of real world practice and literature review
    • an audit of 83 records examining baseline infection screening prior to starting Alemtuzumab, Cladribine, fingolimod, Natalizumab and Ocrelizumab Compared compliance to SPC recommendations (data from Jan 2015-Nov 2018) to compliance with new local standards (data from Dec 2019 to April 2019).

Key findings

  • Relevant screening tests were undertaken in circa 60% of cases under SPC recommendations versus 100% of tests undertaken under new local standards
    • (with the exception of TB Elispot IGRA which was carried out in 49% of cases under SPC recommendations versus 88% of cases under new standards).
  • Screening found the following:
    • Measles IgG, Mumps IgG and Rubella IgG screening on 2 as immunisation records were unavailable
    • Latent TB x 2 (pre-alemtuzumab / natalizumab ) treated with isoniazid
    • HSV positive x 6
    • CMV IgG positive x 4
    • Multiple +ve viral screening tests (n=1) antibody/Immunoglobulin acquired from prior IVIg infusion?
    • Vaccine status check lists were not available to audit from clinical electronic records.

Core recommendations

  • Collaboration with other specialties to better manage risk e.g. infectious diseases
  • Develop toolkit for managing infection risks associated with MS DMTs
  • Consensus statement on managing infection risks associated with MS DMTs

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