Research by: Dr Yasser Falah, Consultant Neurologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust 

All of our attendees carry out a piece of research in an area of MS clinical practice or treatment that interests them. 

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To create a service development plan for the University Hospitals of Leicester’s MS service (UHL)


  • The service has 1,870 registered MS patients, but has been without a consultant for some time
  • In September, it linked with the Nottingham centre to provide a weekly visit from a neighbouring consultant 

Key findings

A review of the service found a number of challenges to the successful implementation of the new service model. These included:

  • Large cohort
  • Long waiting list
  • Duplicate appointments 


The author recommended a seven-point action plan:

  1. Review database
  2. Review clinic structure
  3. Establish regional MDT link
  4. Establish Tysabri monitoring protocol
  5. Establish scan reports communication protocol
  6. Review timing of appointments 
  7. Establish patient/HCP communication protocol 

The outcomes include higher patient and registrar satisfaction, fewer complaints, and the faster delivery of high-efficacy disease modifying therapies (DMTs).

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