By Dr Samar Almuntaser, Latifa Women & Children Hospital, Dubai

MS Specialists MasterClass 6, 2019



There is a paucity of literature on the epidemiology, clinical characteristics and investigation tools for the pediatric age group with acquired demyelination syndromes.
Any disease that causes damage to the myelin sheath that slows or stops nerve signals is called a demyelinating disease. There are a number of demyelinating diseases in childhood. Causes are multifactorial and include genetic, post infectious, post-immunization, and autoimmune (the body produces proteins, which damage its own tissue).

No cure exists for demyelinating diseases; early recognition, supportive care and early treatment with medications may help minimize and manage symptoms. Rehabilitation therapies are of particular importance.

Audit Objective(s) are to identify number of cases with early symptoms, to identify the types of demyelination and to evaluate the treatment modalities.

Audit Standards: All pediatric patients admitted with demyelinating syndromes will be assessed regarding clinical presentation, investigation and management plans on regular basis from January 2010 until Jan 2019.


Develop a registry of pediatric acquired demyelination syndromes in Dubai to enable providing a better care and management for pediatric patients admitted with acquired demyelination syndromes.