All MS MasterClass attendees carry out a workplace project as a key part of the course. This will be on an issue they choose in the area that they work, from service development to epidemiology, audit to patient management.

All delegates present their project to their course peers and the teaching faculty, who jointly choose a winner and a runner up for the year. These people are presented with an award and their projects are highlighted on our website.

All projects are added to our resources area online where the valuable learning can be shared and used more widely. We’d love you to take a look – our Snapshots are a great place to start if you’re looking for something quickly digestible.

MasterClass 9 project award winner (2020)

Chandni Radia, lead neuroscience pharmacist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Runner up:

Iulia Danciut, neurology associate specialist, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Runner up:

Shannon Gaughan, MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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MasterClass 8 project award winner (2019)

Ruth Stross, MS Nurse Specialist, Surrey Downs Health and Care & Dr Ioana Cociasu Clinical Fellow in Neurology St George’s Hospital
Mapping Pathways in Multiple Sclerosis across Surrey Downs Health & Care
Runner up:

Liam Rice, MS Nurse Specialist, Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Joined up thinking, setting up a Multiple Sclerosis / Urology Service

Runner up:

Pauline McDonald, MS Specialist Nurse, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
The length of time it takes to start on a DMT after diagnosis in Glasgow

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MasterClass 7 project award winner (2019)

Rachel Morrison, MS Specialist Nurse, Western Isles Hospital
My MS Passport
Runner up:

Natasha Hoyle, Pharmacist, Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Disease Modifying Therapies: Comparing Timescales Between Hospitals and Medications

Runner up:

Dr Neena Singh, SpR, Neurology Royal London Hospital & Tatiana Christmas, FY1, Northwick Park Hospital
Postprandial Somnolence in Multiple Sclerosis

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MasterClass 6 project award winner (2019)

Olivia Moswela, Lead Pharmacist for Neurosciences, John Radcliffe Hospital
Infectious complications in MS: an audit of high efficacy therapies pre-treatment screening and risk mitigation
Olivia Moswela, award winner MasterClass 6
Runner up:

Dr Bindu Yoga, Consultant Neurologist, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT)
Local MS DMT practice – Time from decision to treatment

Dr Bindu Yoga, MasterClass 6 runner up

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MasterClass 5 project award winner (2019)

Dr Claire Gall

Dr Claire Gall, award winner MasterClass 5

Runner up:

Dr Poneh Adib-Samii, Consultant Neurologist, Croydon University Hospital
Imaging in MS and suspected MS at Barnet Hospital

Dr Poneh Adib-Samii

Dr Poneh Adib-Samii, MasterClass 5 runner up

MasterClass 4 project award winner (2018)

Mrs Daisy Cam, Acupuncture Treatment in People with MS related pain

Runner up:

Dr Karen Chung, Evaluation of the number of PPMS patients potentially suitable for Ocrelizumab in a tertiary referral centre

Dr Sivaraman Nair, Unmet needs of people with Multiple sclerosis

Mrs Daisy Cam

Mrs Daisy Cam, award winner MasterClass 4

Dr Karen Chung

Dr Karen Chung, MasterClass 4 runner up

Dr Sivaraman Nair

Dr Sivaraman Nair, MasterClass 4 runner up

MasterClass 3 project award winner (2018)

Mrs Rachel Dorsey-Campbell, Impact of a pharmacy-led prescribing service on the monitoring of natalizumab patients

Runner up:

Dr Jessica Vaz, JCV in Jersey

Mrs Rachel Dorsey-Campbell

Mrs Rachel Dorsey-Campbell, award winner MasterClass 3

Dr Jessica Vaz

Dr Jessica Vaz, MasterClass 3 runner up

MasterClass 2 project award winner (2018)

Dr Francisco Javier Carod Artal, Epidemiology of MS in the Highlands: Prevalence, incidence and time to get a proper diagnosis and start DMT

Runner up:

Dr Rachelle Shafei, Listeriosis prevention in alemtuzumab treated patients

Dr Francisco Javier Carod Artal

Dr Francisco Javier Carod Artal, 2018 award winner

Dr Rachelle Shafei, 2018 runner up

MasterClass 1 project award winner (2017)

Dr Ferghal McVerry, Audit of MS relapse management in a district general hospital setting

Runners up:

Dr Gemma Maxwell, Safe prescribing of Alemtuzumab in a district general hospital: Sunderland vs Newcastle

Dr Lucy Strens, Dr Andrea Lindahl & Dr Lara Teare, An analysis of admissions of people with MS and comparison with the Parkinson’s service