Here you can follow our meeting in Birmingham on 8 and 9 July. This meeting is private, please contact us for the password to unlock the live stream player.

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Background information


  1. Improve quality of life for people with MS
  2. Improve access to specialist services for people with MS
  3. Improve outcomes for people with MS
  4. Improve efficiency of healthcare utilisation for MS services
  5. Increase MS patient / MSer’s empowerment and activation


Postcode prescribing and other variances in MS Services were highlighted at our recent MS Academy meeting in Birmingham, in November. Access to and the prescribing of disease-modifying therapies have been well documented across the UK by surveys performed by the MS Society, MS Trust, the RCP and now by NHSE via its Bluteq high-cost drug database. At the Birmingham meeting, we reviewed many of the underlying reasons for variation in MS services and discussed potential solutions. There was virtually a unanimous response from attendees of the Birmingham meeting that we need to be proactive about addressing this issue and that the MS Academy was a forum for doing this.

Following on from this we have widened the scope and put together a steering committee of dedicated people to address the issues raised at the meeting. The follow-on meeting we are hosting in July is to develop a programme of work around many of the issues highlighted, in particular putting in place systems to analyse and share data and to set-up and run a national quality improvement audit. We have also identified that a significant gap in achieving our ambitions is the necessary leadership skills to run and implement change-management programmes locally. We are therefore exploring setting-up a leadership training programme as part of our plans. Please note that we have defined a set of draft objectives that we need to ‘ratify’ or ‘adapt’ at this meeting and these need to be matched-up with well-defined outputs or results.

However, we will also showcase success stories of work across the country and provide a forum for sharing best practice. If you decide to come to the meeting we are expecting all centres to showcase one of their success stories. We want to hear about what you did to improve your MS service and how your improvements may be useful to other centres in the UK.

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Steering Committee

Chairs: Prof Gavin Giovannoni, Dr David Rog, Dr Gordon Mazibrada, Prof Jeremy Hobart

George Pepper, Georgina Carr, David Martin, Gabriele De Luca, Joela Mathews, Sue Thomas, Sarah White, Dr Agne Straukiene, Jenny Ledsam, Karen Vernon, Dr Abdullah Shehu, Dr Tarunya Arun, Dr Brendan McLean, Dr Mark Westwood

Work stream sessions

Session 1: choice of A and B

→ Work stream A: Data
Dr David Rog & Hassan Chaudhury

→ Work stream B: Patients as partners

Session 2: choice of C, D and E

→ Work stream C: Audit
Prof Jeremy Hobart

→ Work stream D: Social Determinants of Health
Dr Helen Ford & Prof Gavin Giovannoni

→ Work stream E: Wellness and Lifestyle
Dr Agne Straukiene


Join the discussions

Please engage with the sessions through Slido. You can access our private meeting platform by clicking on the button above or visiting and entering the meeting code Y082.

Slido is an audience interaction tool that offers interactive Q&A, live polls and insights into the thoughts of those in attendance.

This activity has been supported by sponsorship from Roche Products Ltd, Biogen Idec Ltd, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, Merck Serono Ltd and Sanofi Genzyme. The sponsors have had no control over the educational content of this activity.




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