This is our third meeting addressing the variance in the provision of MS services across the UK. At last year’s meeting, we put in place five workstreams with a three-year plan to tackle variance. The main objective of the 2020 meeting will be to review the progress across the five workstreams and to readdress and/or recalibrate the overarching aims of this ambitious but important initiative.

How to get involved?

→ Social determinants of health – an audit
→ Healthy lifestyle survey
→ Disease-modifying Lifestyle ‘virtual clinic’: what it is and how to use it
→ Participate in our audit of MS services
→ Register for the 2020 meeting

Take a look at the brief ‘to do lists’ for each workstream and choose the one that resonates most with you, or perhaps pick a couple and work with your team to take a lead on different ones. The audit and data workstream actions, for example, are very quick (5-10 minutes for audit!) and could make a huge difference to your team’s way of working, and the services received by the people with MS in your area.

Data and audit have merged to reflect the overlap between them. → Read more

Videos from our 2019 meeting

Workstream B: Patients as partners are leading this workstream, with CEO George Pepper member of the ‘Raising the Bar’ steering group and service designer Rob Sloan leading the workstream. Objective: To support people with MS to understand and take control of their condition and how they manage it. The workstream reviewed the considerable evidence that unwanted variance in MS care is driven by a number of  […] 

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Workstream C: Audit

‘A pragmatic rolling UK MS audit: What data to collect and how to collect it painlessly’ Jeremy Hobart, Professor of Clinical Neurology and Health Measurement at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry is the representative on the national ‘Raising the bar’ steering group and lead for this workstream. Objectives: To agree on the […] 

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Workstream D: Social determinants of health – How can we as HCPs address social determinants of health?

Dr Helen Ford, Consultant Neurologist at LeedsTeaching Hospitals, and Prof Gavin Giovannoni, Professor of Neurology at Barts and The London led the initial discussions for this workstream. They invite other MS Academy members to join as lead representatives to help take the projects forward. Objectives: To review how the social determinants of health affect […] 

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Workstream E: Wellness and lifestyle – How to incorporate wellness and lifestyle interventions into clinical practice?

Dr Agne Straukiene, consultant neurologist at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, is a representative on the national ‘Raising the bar’ steering group and the lead for this workstream. Objectives: To review the evidence that wellness and lifestyle interventions improve MS outcomes. To define measurable outcomes in this area. To set achievable goals for the year ahead to increase awareness […] 

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