‘The Forgotten Many’ reports on significant service gaps for people with secondary progressive MS

15 June, 2020 | Posted in: ,

A new report has been released today which shines a light on the significant gaps that currently exist across the NHS in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS) policy, service provision and patient care.  Developed by Wilmington Healthcare and funded by Novartis, the report, ‘The Forgotten Many: A 2020 Vision for Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis’, has […]

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Paper published on disease-modifying therapies for MS and COVID-19

17 April, 2020 | Posted in: , ,

Professor Gavin Giovannoni has published a commentary paper on ‘The COVID-19 pandemic and the use of MS disease-modifying therapies’ in Elsevier.  During the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest areas of discussion and concern amongst the multiple sclerosis (MS) community has been around disease-modifying therapies. From what to begin and how, to safe monitoring, to […]

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MS Academy in Neurodigest

17 April, 2020 | Posted in: ,

Neurodigest have just published a piece on how unique education creates clinical leaders and transforms services.  Part of Neurology Academy, whose vision is to deliver uniquely practical education to produce specialist clinical leaders and transform local healthcare, MS Academy’s variety of bespoke courses follows the hugely successful model established 18 years ago for Parkinson’s. Fully […]

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MS Academy in the ACNR

The Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation journal (ACNR) have published a piece on the MS Academy’s second meeting, which was held between 8–9 July, to tackle MS service variation in the NHS. The article introduces a three-year plan and an actionable to-do list infographic about our workstreams to highlight what improvements need to be made within […]

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NHS RightCare progressive neurological conditions toolkit launches

27 August, 2019 | Posted in: ,

A new toolkit has just been published to help healthcare systems better understand the priorities in care for people living with various progressive neurological conditions. Currently, those living with progressive neurological conditions are experiencing: delays in diagnosis and treatment,  fragmented and uncoordinated services,  limited availability of neurospecialist rehab and reablement and  a lack of psycho–social […]

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NHSE elective care handbooks now available

26 August, 2019 | Posted in: ,

This summer, NHS England has published a series of handbooks setting out best practice and ‘how-to’ solutions for each of the 14 high-volume elective care specialties that RightCare have identified as their focus.  The NHS RightCare programme, which works locally with systems to present a diagnosis of data and evidence across that population, believes that […]

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Neurology Academy in the BJNN

The British Journal for Neuroscience Nursing (BJNN) have just published a piece on the national drive to address unwanted variance in multiple sclerosis (MS) services. The project was initiated at ‘the Way Forward’ event last year when the MS Academy, part of Neurology Academy’s umbrella organisation, organised and hosted a lively two day conference full […]

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Consensus guidelines reached regarding pregnancy and MS

15 January, 2019 | Posted in: ,

A set of guidelines on multiple sclerosis (MS) and pregnancy have been produced for the UK, supported by the Association of British Neurologists. The first of their kind, the guidance covers all elements of care related to pregnancy for those living with MS, from pre-pregnancy support to management of medication during pregnancy, birth-related guidance and […]

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