We are showcasing success stories of work across the country and providing a forum for sharing best practice. All MS centres with representatives at the ‘MS Service Provision in the UK: Raising the Bar’ meeting are invited to share an example.

Please share how you have improved your local MS service and how others can learn from your experience by:

  1. Creating a poster, following the layout guidance provided
  2. Sending an electronic copy of your poster to Neurology Academy by the deadline of 28th June, 11:00 am (The Academy will print your poster and organise the display of this on the poster boards on your behalf)
  3. Creating 3 PowerPoint slides for presentation at the event in case your service development is chosen for open discussion at the meeting.

Download poster guidelines as PDF

Poster layout guidance:

  • Vertical presentation;
    dimensions of DIN A1: 594 mm (width) x 841 mm (height)
  • Title, author and address (on the upper edge, across the width of the whole poster)
  • The title should be emphasised by the use of a bold typeface. This writing should be easily readable at a distance of 2 – 3 metres.
  • Must include sections:
    • Introduction
    • Objective (unmet need being addressed)
    • Service development and/or methodology
    • Results/output
    • Impact/conclusions
  • The text can be broken up by the inclusion of drawings, charts and photos.
  • Please note any disclosures or conflicts of interest (e.g. grant support, consultancy, membership on advisory councils, speaker’s bureau) and source of funding.
  • References (limit this to no more than 5 key references)

Request a PowerPoint template for your poster at info@neurologyacademy.org

Additional information:

  • You may like to bring handouts for distribution to interested delegates to promote
    your project.
  • Material to affix the posters will be provided. Please don’t forget to remove your poster at the end of the meeting.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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