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Article originally published on 5 July 2018 on the Barts MS Blog


Today is the NHS’ 70th Birthday. Happy Birthday we love you!

We know you are the best value for money health service in the world and that you try your best with limited resources. We want to pledge our support for you and help you make the next 70 years even better.

At your heart you espouse several principles that are worth remembering and fighting for:

  1. Healthcare is a basic human right
  2. Healthcare should be equitable; no matter who you are you should have access to the same level of care
  3. Healthcare should be free at the point of access.

We know your principles are being eroded and people with MS (pwMS) have highly variable access to care across the UK. Variance in MS Services, for example, access to and the prescribing of disease-modifying therapies, have been well documented by the MS Society, MS Trust and the Royal College of Physicians. This has been backed up by new data presented at the recent ABN meeting in Birmingham from the NHS England’s Bluteq database.

We and others feel this is a problem for pwMS and is a barrier to improving MS outcomes. To address this problem we are holding a meeting of representatives from MS DMT prescribing centres across England and the UK. The aim of the meeting is to generate ideas and proposals to address and solve this problem. We envisage holding subsequent follow-on meetings to implement and test potential proposals developed as a result of this meeting.


Please note that this is a closed meeting and due to limited resources we are limiting attendance to representatives from MS prescribing centres in the UK. Each centre can only send a maximum of 2 representatives.


Draft programme:



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