Mrs Rachel Dorsey-Campbell

Mrs Rachel Dorsey-Campbell, award winner MasterClass 3

Dr Jessica Vaz

Dr Jessica Vaz, MasterClass 3 runner up

Last night, the winners of the 2018 MS MasterClass intermodule delegate projects were announced.

Dr Rachel Dorsey-Campbell was voted winner by her peer group and faculty for implementing a pharmacy-led prescribing and monitoring service for natalizumab. Her research found that the new service resulted in better monitoring of patient health when being treated, making the treatment safer, as well as freeing up staff time elsewhere in the multiple sclerosis (MS) service.

This year’s runner up was Dr Jessica Vaz. Her work in mapping the JC virus in Jersey’s relapsing-remitting MS population to revolutionise the patient education, monitoring and disease-modifying treatment choices in their service was outstanding.

Both course attendees presented their projects to their peers and the MS MasterClass faculty yesterday and were voted the year’s winners for their excellent work in optimising MS services.

To find out more, read a quick snapshot of their respective work, or delve into their full reports, take a look here.

If you’re interested in the previous year’s winning research, or the other intermodule projects, you can find all of them on our site.



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